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Aeronautical Industry

Our experience in the aviation industry has allowed us to provide aeronautical spare parts and services to sectors of: airlines, aeronautical workshops, schools, aircraft owners and operators for countries such as Venezuela, Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica.
We are distinguished by Quality, personalized service, direct treatment and the trust that we have built together with our clients and suppliers throughout these years.

Aeronautical Services

We have an extensive network of commercial allies to coordinate logistics services for the location and reception of parts, components and supervision of the parts in the aeronautical mechanical workshops.
We offer logistical support and technical advice, for aeronautical purposes, within the United States.

Inventory Consignment

Based on our experience and extensive network of commercial partners, we place on consignment, in the world aeronautical market, the parts that have been disincorporated from the airplanes or that are stored as surplus, to transform into profit what until now is unusable material for his own fleet.

Sale of Parts and Spares

Adapted to the needs and requirements of the client, we offer services for the purchase, sale and exchange of parts: new, rebuilt, repaired and / or removed.
We deal directly with manufacturers, workshops and distributors to reduce costs and response times.

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